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Pictures of

Feb 1999 trip

Don Hoeger's Home Page | Pictures of

Feb 1998 trip | Pictures of

Feb 1999 trip | Pictures of

Feb 2002 trip | Friends & Family

On this trip my father Richard Hoeger, my Mother Patricia Hoeger,  my brother Bruce Hoeger, my Sister-in law Leah Hoeger, my nephew Tim Hoeger, my niece Tricia Hoeger, my friend Glenn Reck, my friend Takeshi Uyru, & my twin brother Dan Hoeger joined us on our trip.

We brought with

1980 Yamaha 440 exciter

1980 Yamaha 440 exciter

1986 Yamaha V-Max

1987 Yamaha exciter

1987 Yamaha exciter

1993 Yamaha exciter LT(long track) (my favorite)

1995 Articat Wildcat Mountancat

1998 Articat zr 600

1998 Yamaha 700sx triple