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Pictures of

Feb 1998 trip

We left our home in Grand Forks, ND the last weekend in January. We were there for a total of 10 Days. We brought all our own snowmobiles, we do all our own jetting.

On this trip my father Richard Hoeger, my mother Patricia Hoeger, my wife Margaret Hoeger, my kids Justin & Elizabeth Hoeger, & my friend Chad Rustvold Joined us on our trip.
We brought with
1980 Yamaha 440 exciter
1986 Yamaha V-Max
1987 Yamaha exciter
1987 Yamaha exciter
1993 Yamaha exciter LT (long track) ( my favorite)
1995 Articat Wildcat Mountancat
1995 Articat Wildcat Mountancat
& last but not least 1985 Articat Kittycat (for the kids)

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